Plastic Fantastic



    Do you know how to check If a woman Is pregnant In Africa. You stick a bagel up her pussy, pull it out & look for bite marks.
    Ok, that’s a bit far out. But we all originate from African continent. Way back In time we climbed down from the trees and started our great big walkabout Into the world. The earth existing for million of years & then we came, humans. Capable of destroying the whole thing with bombs & pollution In a heartbeat. Its a no brainer, and I absolutely hate racism. In any form, what are we doing !
    There Is a good egocentrism & there is really bad egocentrism. I salute the people who actually do something about it. I know, we come with flaws, but there`s room for improvement. As I see this Is like if we all start cleaning up waters from plastic and chemical pollution. If we all start being aware of what we throw away of garbage. DON`T THROW PLASTIC IN NATURE ! It won’t decay like organic material. Sort all garbage. It can on its own be a total new business. Clean up the oceans ! Stop the pollution ! What If we used our genial brains to do something about It. And stop the fucking racism, STOP !
  A big part of my childhood was spent In the mountains of Norway. Im used to the cleanest water you can think of. Fresh breathing air & beautiful spectacular nature. Fishing, hunting, mountain hiking & In winter time skiing. No we Norwegians are not born with skis on our feet. But we are quite good at It, among a lot of other things. And we also use a lot of our oil profit on human Aid, renewable energy research & environment cases.
    We used to be vikings & a lot of us still got the viking blood running In our veins. A humans lifespan is just a little bit of a bark In time. What If we think: How do we want to leave this planet for the future. How do you want to be remembered ! How do we want to leave It for our future humans & animals. Because most humans cant think that far ahed. We are to egocentric minded.
    We clear It up & don’t become the cancer cell of the universe. We travel and discover the ultimate frontier of space. We don’t want to bring our no brainer shit out there. Because we are going to explore It, we are humans. We can be great, we dare. We have always been on a walkabout. We are not going to be the cancer cell !
    No I can’t alone change the world, I just want to be apart of saving the planet !





Pomeranian Posh Fuck



    We`r all animals. We all fuck. Some hornier than others, but we all do It. Actually our most important animal instinct besides our satanic survival force. Its egocentric. And pushed In the wrong direction It may make some do fucked up stuff to get It. Yeah we all fuck like beasts. Wonder If the dandies are any better than the rest. Like a dandy pomeranian posh fuck. Like expensive perfume, and all the right dandy moves..woff woff…
    If you are fainted of heart you might want to consider If you should continue reading this now. Some of our greatest invention may have been discovered by someone who want to impress a girl. To get so popular, Its only to lay back and get your dick sucked & fuck her doggy until the 7`th heaven.  So be a little extra careful If you`r a geek researching on quantum physics, you may discover something implonding us all too nothing In seconds. Go jerk off !
    Music was & have never been a way to get laid for me. It has deeper meaning & Its been a way of survival. But you know, there`s been some girls. There’s been some broken beds, In the back of someone els car & waking up with who the fuck are you experiences. But Iv never seen myself as a sexual freak In any way, although some might say Iv even fucked the neighbours cat.
    Unfortunately when you`r most of the time, or a lot of the time stoned, high or drunk. It may be difficult maintaining a healthy relationship, also like a job. So the not best version of myself occur. I don’t write because Im proud of everything Iv done but having a life like that Includes a couple fuck ups. If you read this and know what I mean. Sorry for that & lets move on. Iv also been hurt. If you have tried to kill me, conspired & worked against me, burned me, overdosed, suicided & died on me. Go fuck yourself your fucking cunts ! You dumb shits ! & Im keeping the thong, save It for a rainy day. Might smoke It.
    Well as said, jobs. And yeah Iv cleaned up, had setbacks, cleaned up again. What don’t kill you makes you stronger. Sort of yep. I`ll tell about cleaning up later but that definitlely Include the fighter ability. Im no Sunday school guy, will never be. And Iv definitely never considered my self as extremely handsome. Im ok. But after some years clean I started working at a children welfare centre. I guess I had an aura that some of the people there found Interesting. First I have to say I admire some of them people for doing that kind of job, some of them are great. The job Is awesome but really tough. You cant be to sensitive. Well anyway, short story loooong. Started working, sang my song After Midnight at a Christmas party & brought the guitar to job. Me being me, total chaos, 2 welfare centres closed down, & 1 almost burned down. After a while someone In charged said, you can only continue work here If you`r gay !
    So I don’t work there anymore. But It was an awesome experience. Trying to make the youth stop doing drugs might be the most difficult job In the world. Pomeranian posh fuck, anyone seen that. Like dandy’s fuck fuck….Woff ! Woff !







Killing Me Softly

    Wondered If there’s another side. Life after death. One of the reasons religion was created. Fear of death and the need for comfort. You only have to believe they say. After you pay the collect or els we try to psych & scare you into It. Pathetic ! By all means don’t apologies. No rather pull the moon out of orbit before admitting your failure. Heaven or hell, unselfishness or egocentric. Signs from the other side, coincident or something of a deeper meaning. I´m not the one robbing you from belief, I give you hope, I´m the carrier of light….
    I haven’t always been a fighter. I grew Into one. Besides sporadicly telling the local Hells Angels to shut up their bikes at age of 5, I were no tough kid. Smiling, lighting a smoke probably woundering about who this wierd kid was. They had their club house right between my place & the centre of the world.
    So out of the ashes of what was & Is probably the best race hours ever I grew up right next to my grandfathers oat mill. In the 60` & 70` It was totally superior. So this was my childhood playground & I remember quite clearly the stables with horses & all the loud noises from the machines. The smell of freshly cooked oat lay over the whole area.
    As I said I was no tough kid, I got some scares that stayed with me for a while. At the time an unnamed feeling of anxiety. It followed me for a long time, at school, at home. It stuck, creating a not that awesome time. So out of all of this two things evolved. The love for music & football. It became my arena of fighting & at some point I started fighting back. I hit back at everything with It. I got In shape, I started daring. You got to dare, dare stand up for yourself. Dare to live !
    I became really good. Scoring lots of goals & ending up In the local newspaper scoring the winner goal In the young championship. At the same time the love for music grew. We kept a guitar In our house and for a long time It just stood In the same place. Watching It, was I one of those who could learn to play it. I absolutely loved dreaming of It. The dream took me time and time again far away. At a point I were on a football cup In Denmark. I was lying down relaxing after lots of matches and a Cd was put on. Listen to this, after the 2 song I was amazed. The music, the guitars, songs & lyrics was awesome. Scapegoat…Sad but true !
    Some songs come Into your life creating different moods, directions, destiny or some may be something much more. After what was my life`s maybe biggest disappointment I grew new scars. It evolved, making me not the best version of my self. Creating a wast darkness of mind. What at start seems like harmless fun rapidly turn Into a living hell. I discovered a new high. A total crystal clear fog off mind. No Man has a positive curve by doing drugs. We all fall, In the end !
    In this state of mind In the end of the 90` I heard this song coming out of the radio & all I really could hear of lyrics were Killing Me Softly. The only thing I could hear was Killing me softly. It came through the walls. Through the roof & through the floor. I woke up some time later after a long week of partying. Coming down hard. I fell asleep sitting upright. When I open my eyes I saw a big knife lying In my lap. I looked up & my mother was sitting In front of me. She had been dead for years !
    Some years later I fell down In my kitchen. What seems to have been an heart attack. I lost total control of my body, started shaking. Everything blackened. I passed out and where most end their path In life. I later, woke up again.
    I`ll tell you again, I` m not the one robbing you from belief, I give you hope. I`m the carrier of light !








No Rosie At All




    Of all the bands In the world only a few succeed, maybe a couple of all the bands formed make It into the big league. The rest, like one of mine first projects survive a summer. It maybe the first time you tried to play at all. You got a newly bought guitar with a crappy amp and whole lot of attitude.
Hanging out In the guitar shops playing smoke on the water 666 times, big expectations & fucked up jeans. You may even started smoking and drinking thinking you got It.
    Well this little story Is a bit like that. Me and my best friend at the time wanted to start a band. He used to go sing rock songs when everybody els were singing Christmas carols between Christmas & New Years eve. Scaring little old ladies expecting something cute. So we knew he could sing and we were permitted to rehearse at his room In his parents house. There also were a legendary performance In elementary school ball. Actually being more Bon Scott than Bon Scott were. There were no sound proofing what so ever and the house lied right In the street right uphills from the centre of the world.
    Parents were smiling and laughing a bit, but encouraging us as best they could. In the neighbour room his grandmother lived. They took care of her when she grew old. It could occur that before rehearsals we would go Into her room and lift her all the way up close to the roof In her electric bed. She was floating a couple of millimetres from the roof. Perfectly normal. She also were our 1 roadie, lowering the bed & rolling her In after band practise. 90 + years old.
    But this Is actually about another incident. We got together a band with drums and bass & started rehearsing. And like many bands we started quite easy with Knocking On Heavens door. This was the one we could play and played It like 100 times or more. But we didn’t know that we actually had listeners. Electric guitars and drums and bass goes easily through windows and walls. So after 100 + knocking on, It would be enough for most.
    After rehearsing we sat down & In a little while we could hear some strange noise. A buzzing, no connection fuzz. What the fuck Is making that noise. A rumble, disturbance. We looked out the window & his old neighbour were getting even with us with her stereo put on full noise through her bedroom window. She was furious, blowing up her Radio !
    The other song we played was Whole Lot Of Rosie by AC/DC, but I can assure you there were no Whole Lot Of Rosie going on In the grandmothers bedroom & right next door from hell, right next door from hell, right next door from hell…..
    So later In the evening when everything had settled down from the commotion we could hear the baby caller rumbling & an old woman’s whiskey voice shouting out….Asshole !












    Summertime, summer-vacation ! Warm weather, sunshine, grilling, fishing, camping, beach, seagulls & girls In their summer-dresses & occasionally without. Nice…I really don’t miss our minus 15 degrees dirty water-snow In the streets. Only a few hours of sunlight, frozen car-doors & polar bears just around the corner. No that’s not true..polar bears. We don’t have polar bears In main land Norway ! But we have satanists, oil & sometimes 14 days of summer.
       You can actually smell It when spring arrives. Like expectations. Like, this summer this summer going to be special. Summer all year long, summer forever. I vote for that ! Cold drinks and festivals. Floating just above the ground on a silky cloud with no worries at all, everything just fine. No bills to pay, no jelling, no stress & summer hits.
    What with those summer hits. A lot of times music you don’t regularly listen too. Weird & surprising, easily catchy. One time me and my buddies had a road trip. We already pretty much done everything wrong we could. Rascals & outsiders. Not killers & rapists, not like that. But Stoners. No limitation on partying.
    So we went on a trip, to Kristiania In Copenhagen. While driving down this song came on the stereo…Make Me Smile ( Come up & See Me) by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. It set an awesome mood. Thats with the summer hits. They create a spesial mood. Sometimes define a whole summer. A whole life. Music Is so much more than important. Well, that song at that place and time. Hilarious. Still makes me laugh, great memories. 36 degrees & boiling sun. Kristiania, Copenhagen In the summer of 95.
    Why we ended up camping right outside the wooden gates I don’t know, but we did. Right outside with that lake In Kristiania. And one time at road trip…Taking a shit almost In public, blending In. Pusher street…
    Rounding It up later that week we found ourselves In front of a big Mansion. Fascinating sight. After 3 rounds around the fountain with born to be wild on the stereo we sat course back home. Turned out that the mansion actually was The Queen of Denmarks Castle….. Details for another time, but Yeah school was definitely out forever !
    Isn’t that what we all want out of summer vacation. Release from our daily lives & a safe walk on the wild side. Memories for a lifetime. So summer hits, music In general. Set moods...It has no borders, has no religion, it’s universal & Unites !
    Ok this Is idBlogg...tells you whats fucked up & what to salute & everything In between. Basicly we like everything about taking care of the envirenment, Mother Earth & Peace ✌️ on It. We`r In 2024 and still fighting ...Come on ! Its a no brainer.
   Religion freedom or no religion, freedom of choice ! Liberal, & If your so stupid your gonna do drugs...Røyg deg ei feide ei for helvete ! Iv pretty much done them all so I know what Im talking about. Clean though ..several years 🙏 Grateful


   Yeah & of course ...Its Rock`n`roll, raw & real ! 
   Releasing a New EP/Singel Bay Area Tapes this summer, a couple of songs been lying around not released properly before. Hope you enjoy & play them really loud !!! Share a link to your friends & contacts, spread the music around
    Some more updates for you at the end of summer so stay tuned. Wish you a awesome summer ! 🤘



   Best Regards